About Us

ASE Constructors (Pvt) Limited (formerly A.S Enterprises) appeared on the horizon of construction industry in the year 2000. Since then it is a long story of hard work, success and pride. Over the years ASE has evolved into a credible force to be reckoned with. The story of construction industry of Pakistan would indeed be incomplete with the honor mention of ASE. The reason behind ASE’s success is that we have the team, not only with the skills, but also with the attitude, commitment, education and determination to assure highest quality and to produce projects which should long be remembered and inspired.
We use leading edge construction technology to deliver the dreams of our clients. We don’t just build structures, we build relationships. The work ethic, pride of craftsman ship, and professional integrity has always been the foundation of ASE operations. We have kept our promise to deliver the state of art projects without compromising on our principles. We believe in the synergy of a three way of partnership Client, Consultant and the Contractor, working together in the sprit of true collaboration.
ASE has achieved considerable success in the 23 years and has set an example by making its name among top companies serving the construction industry in Pakistan. Since incorporation, ASE has successfully completed more than 100 projects and there are number of projects which are currently under various stages of completion.

News & Events


Saturday 22nd February 2020, BALLOTING for HAJJ & UMRAH has been held at Head Office & the innocent & loving children picked the slips in front of DIRECTOR & TEAM MEMBERS.